2 Years Smoke Free – Thanks to Vaping!

2 days ago, I hit a huge milestone in my life. I made it 2 years without smoking thanks to vaping. Aside for lighting a cigarette for my wife a couple of days in, I haven’t had a cigarette anywhere near my mouth. I am happy as I can be about this! I shared it on Twitter and Facebook yesterday, but decided to post on here as well.

Not only does tobacco no longer have control of my life, neither does nicotine. I am about 6 months without nicotine as well.

How did I do it?

VAPING! E-Cigarettes!

You know, those “dangerous devices” that big tobacco, the pharmaceutical industry, and even our governments want to keep us away from!

I won’t tell the entire story, but on March 16th, 2014, I finally decided that I was tired of spending the 1st hour of each day hacking up crap. I was tired of feeling like poop. I needed to change. I smoked for 27 years. I had tried quitting several times over the previous 10 years, but nothing kept me off cigs for good.

  • I tried a smoking cessation program paid for by the US Navy. Failed.
  • I tried the Patch. Failed.
  • I tried Wellbutrin. Failed.
  • I tried the patch. Failed.
  • I tried nicotine gum. Failed.
  • I tried by replacing cigarettes with dip and I did ok, but replaced one bad habit with another.
  • I tried cold turkey. Miserably failed.

I failed using every method out there. Nothing worked until I finally gave e-cigarettes a try. As I mentioned before, I tried the early e-cigs 7 or so years ago, but they tasted bad and didn’t satisfy the nicotine cravings. Once e-cigs evolved a little more and you could control the levels, vapor production, and flavor, I was able to migrate off cigarettes.

I finally tried vaping. Success.

Around lunch time on March 16th, 2014, I called my friend Todd Donk in Memphis for some advice. Todd had been selling e-cigs in Memphis for a couple of years and had tried to get me to try them in the past. He opened Zook’s Vapor in Memphis and he was the right person to tell me what to get started with. He suggested an MVP 2 and 18mg e-liquid. Later that day, I visited the only vape shop in Tuscaloosa, Ikonic Vapor. I purchased an MVP 2 and a Kanger UniTank and a bottle of 18mg Thunderhead Vapor Menthol Trends.


I was hooked. I never smoked another cigarette. I threw the last few cigarettes I had left out the window on the way home from that vape shop.

I was so happy that I began to tell the world. I created a blog about vaping. I started doing a few YouTube videos. I started carrying around samples to let others try vaping. I started to give away e-cigs to people I wanted to help quit smoking as well. I was all in.

Over the next year, I reviewed vaping products and aggressively advocated for vaping, but I walked away from all that. I continued vaping, but the fires were lit and I no longer needed to spread the news. I got 100s of people off smokes and I am proud of that. I am proud of the people who quit and stayed quit.

Over that year, I went from 18mg to 3mg e-liquid. About 6 months ago, I went from 3mg to 0mg! I haven’t vaped nicotine in 6 months!

To those government reps telling congress and the public that you can’t quit smoking with e-cigs….KISS MY ASH! I am proof!

I only vape a small amount of ZERO MG E-liquid a day now. Some days, I don’t even vape at all. I don’t vape because I have to now. I vape because I want to.

I have never been a fan of subohm vaping. I don’t support the part of the industry pushing the boundaries of vaping. I am what they call a Tootle Puffer and I am proud of that. I don’t vape to impress others, I initially vaped to quit smoking and now, just for the flavor of it.

In November of 2014, I sold MyVaporSite to E-Cig Media because I thought I was done reviewing and sharing vape news, but a few months later, I started another blog called Thugjuice.Ninja. It didn’t last long before I decided to shut it down too. I imported that content into this site. I still post info about vaping on occasion here on Lecktronix.

Thanks to the following people, in no particular order, that I have met through vaping!

Todd Donk, Dimitris Agrafiotis, Stefan Didak, Rich Gavina, Scott Barker, Ryan Karnolv Benford, Lisa White, Clay Tew, Mike Hayes, Kenny Pinkerton, Julie Porter Pinkerton, Dwayne Lolley, Nick Romano (RIP Bro), Brandon Kimbrell, Jeffrey Stone, Curt Reynolds, Jason Camp, Kristi Smith, Tony Nevinski Sr, Aubrey Mitchell, AND MANY MORE

If you are in Tuscaloosa, visit one of my friends shops: Victory Vapors or Symbolic’s Fog. If you are in Memphis, definitely check out Zook’s Vapor.

Also, check out my friend’s juice companies… DB Liquids and Vagabond Vapors. Vagabond has a cool flavor that I vape exclusively now called Lecktronix.

If you support vaping, please advocate for vaping.

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