3 Years #SmokeFree Thanks to #Vaping!

I quit smoking 3 years ago for good on this day thanks to vaping!

I want to thank Todd Donk of Zook’s Vapor 1st and foremost for being a great friend for so long. Todd was the one that hounded me about vaping for a few years before I actually decided to give it a shot. When I saw that a co-worker, Craig Sullivan, had quit for almost a year with vaping, I called Todd and had him suggest a good setup that would give me the best chance to quit successfully. He made some suggestions and I headed to a local vape shop and purchased the MVP 2.0, a Kanger Unitank, and a couple of bottles of E-Juice and headed home to try it out.

The rest is history… 3 years later, here I am. 

Next up, Ryan “Karnolv” Benford, a long time friend. I convinced Ryan to start vaping and boy did I create a monster. Not only did Ryan ended up successfully quitting, he ended up starting his own juice company, Vagabond Vapors. When he aquired another successful juice company, Vape Bomb, I gave him one of my domains to sell all his lines. I had previously used BamaJuice.com as a site where I was going to showcase all Alabama e-liquid makers, but I shut it down quickly when I released that some asshats were going to spam glorious reviews on average juices.


Ryan ended up creating a juice for me and named it after my old business name and the name sake of this website, Lecktronix. Thanks for Vagabond Vapors for naming this juice after me, Lecktronix. This juice is very similar to the juice that I was known to vape in massive quantities, Thug Juice (above).

Over the last year, I have actually quit vaping a couple of times, but I keep coming back when I feel the need. Right now I am vaping 3mg Lecktronix with an Aspire Plato w/ 1.8 ohm coils at 12 watts. So tasty!

I have met some really great people in my time in the industry. I miss the community some today, but I am ok and I will never go back to smoking.

3 years smoke free y’all.

Don’t let the FDA ruin this great thing!

Keep up the great advocacy work Dimitris Agrafiotis and Stefan Didak, don’t let us get Glantzed. Thank you Rich Gavina for being the host of one of the 1st vape related shows I listened to.

In no order, thanks to the following:
Scott T. Barker, Ryan Karnolv Benford, Lisa White, Clay Tew, Mike Hayes, Kenny Pinkerton, Julie Porter Pinkerton, Dwayne Lolley, Nick Romano (RIP Bro), Brandon Kimbrel, Jeffrey Stone, Curt Reynolds, Jason Camp, Kristi Smith, Tony Nevinski Sr. , Aubrey Mitchell, AND MANY MORE.

I sincerely believe that I would still be smoking if not for VAPING. 

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