5 Awesome, Fun Decks for Hearthstone’s Top Two Tavern Brawl

I started out with an idea of my own. I am leveling priest to 60 and 500 wins. I am not far from 60, but only 1/2 way to 500 wins so I wanted to do something with priest. I know that Tavern Brawl wins don’t go towards the 500 wins, but I can level with it.

I have been playing priest on the ladder recently so I thought that it would be great to do the [Forbidden Shaping] and [Confessor Paletress]. It worked out awesome for the 1st 3 games, but then I found out that it’s quite slow, especially Confessor Paletress. I figured the Shaping would be awesome since you can play it on any turn regardless of mana.

top2_0 top2_1

It worked some, but like I said, it was slow. I won the 1st 3 and then lost 4 straight. In those 4 games, I saw some interesting setups. I also saw some fail ideas too. One of those was a mill rogue. I ended up trying a few of them with mixed results. I don’t take credit for any of these ideas.

My Favorite 5 “Top Two” Decks

  1. Mech Hunter
  2. Murloc Priest/Shammy/Doesn’t matter really
  3. Face Priest
  4. Innervate Druid
  5. Word of Glory Priest

1. Mech Hunter. This one is crazy and got me 6 straight concedes on turn 2 or 3. The 2 cards are [Mechwarper] and [Metaltooth Leaper]. You basically play the Mechwarpers to get the cost down to 0 on the Leapers. The leapers buff all the other mechs. It adds up super fast. I didn’t lose a game with this one. I credit a hunter I played against for this one, I don’t recall the name though. Update: I am 15-1 with this deck.

Hearthstone Screenshot 05-11-16 18.04.39 Hearthstone Screenshot 05-11-16 17.45.48 Hearthstone Screenshot 05-11-16 18.02.31  Hearthstone Screenshot 05-11-16 18.07.09 Hearthstone Screenshot 05-11-16 18.11.33

2. Murloc Priest/Shammy/Doesn’t matter really. This one is another one that adds up fast. You play [Grimscale Oracle] (all other Murlocs have +1 attack) then stack others on top. The other card is [Murloc Tidehunter] which gives you 2 murlocs for 2 mana. It adds up fast. Any class can pull this off since both cards are Neutral.

3. Face Priest. This one worked out really well. I went 13-4 with this one. It’s the 1 mana [Shadowbomber] and the 2 mana [Mind Blast]. That’s it. Just go crazy.

4. Innervate Druid. Credit to seeing Frodan post this one on Twitter. This one is devastating when you can pull it off. You have to rely on Innervate draws. The 2 cards are [Innervate] and [Y’Shaarj, Rage Unbound]. You want to innervate up to 10, play Y’Shaarj, profit. Y’Shaarj brings another Y’Shaarj at the end of your turn.


5. Word of Glory Priest. This one doesn’t work against decks with no minions. I didn’t play this one, but had it frustrate me a couple of times. The cards are [Power Word: Glory] and [Mind Blast]. Power Word: Glory the attacking minions for 1 mana and they heal you for 4 every time. It stacks too. In between, Mind Blast you opponent for 5 to the face over and over.

Honorable Mentions

Arcane Missiles Mage. This one can get out of control fast too. Play [Mana Wyrm] then [Arcane Missiles]. Profit.

Naturalize Druid. This is a mill deck. It runs [Naturalize] and [Coldlight Oracle] to mill the opponent. I saw this deck 3x and it beat me twice.

This is one of the most fun Tavern Brawls I have done since I came back to Hearthstone.

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