500 Wins on Warlock – Hearthstone

Even though I got 300 or so wins on warlock before I even played another class, this is my 4th to 500 wins. I ended up playing pally and hunter, the easier classes, more after I ventured outside of the warlock comfort zone. I then moved onto druid and hit 500 wins on the druid 4-5 days ago.

I decided to return to warlock, get 500 wins and then move to other classes like mage and shaman.


The last 10 wins at around rank 11 were hell. I think I won like 20% of the games. I couldn’t get cards dealt on a curve for anything. I must have faced 5 straight patron warriors in a row, the same person twice as well. The only wins I could get was against hunters, warlocks, and mages. Priests and warriors destroyed my little zoo deck pretty easily. I now see why some warlocks use twisting nether.


I finally did it though.

I could only imagine how many gold heroes I would have if I would have played this game without breaks from launch. I played in the 1st month but wasn’t a fan and didn’t return until almost a year later.

It’s gonna be a while for 500 wins on other classes. I think highest win count for the remaining classes is 80 or so wins.

About the Hearthstone Gold Hero according to the Hearthstone Wiki on Gamepedia.

In Hearthstone, each player is represented by a hero. Each hero starts with 30 Health. If that value is reduced to zero, the hero will be destroyed thus losing the game. Each hero represents one of the 9 classes, determining which class specific cards can be put into the deck. Heroes also come with their own hero power, a special ability which further defines the play style of that class. Each hero represents a major character from the Warcraft universe and has their own portrait and emo

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