An Army of Cats – Gold Farming Summoners?

As I mentioned, I am playing Blade and Soul now. I now have 2 characters at 45, a summoner and a destroyer. I have finally started doing dailies each day. In doing this, I’ve noticed that there seems to be a group of summoners farming the Terrors in Misty Woods.

I’ve seen this a few times now and never paid it much attention, but something caught my eye today. Almost all 25-35 toons are summoners. Yes! Cats everywhere!

armyofcats_waiting armyofcats
Here they are, waiting for the Terror to spawn.

I decided to join in and watch this operation.

An Army of Cats rushing off to the next one.

What they are doing is gathering at the spawn point of one of the two Terrors, Sapphire or Vermillion Terror. Once they down one, they rush off to down the other Terror in the same channel. After the 2nd is down, they change channels. On my server, they used to announce the next channel in /channel, but today they were just moving w/o letting other know. I presume this is to keep regular people like me from keeping up with them.


Why are they doing it for hour and hours on end?

Well, I don’t know for certain, but I would be willing to bet money that they are farming Misty Woods Keys and Soulstones. That’s why the market for these items is plummeting right now IMO.

Think about it like this, 25-35 of these toons get 1-2 soulstones per Terror killed. That’s at least 30 or so soulstones for the organization that’s putting this team together per kill. Let’s just call it 30, now 2 Terrors per channel, so we now have 60 soulstones in what? 10 minutes? 360 soulstones per hour. That’s the reason the price is so low on the marketplace and that’s why there are so many available. Like I said, I am not 100% sure on this, but I have to think I am right.

One of my clan members decided to farm alongside them for an hour or so and ended up with enough soulstones to progress a piece of gear and has plenty of keys now.

There are plenty of forum posts on the official site and other forums as well as on reddit. Most explanations concur with what I believe.


I do very much enjoy reading our faction chat about these summoners and the ideas they have for what they are doing. They are bots, they are one guy multiboxing, etc. Either way, I think they are real people getting paid to farm gold for a company. I think that the idea is genius to be honest. This is probably the main income source for some gold farming company.

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