AT&T ADSL, What’s wrong? Why do videos take so long to upload now?

Well. I have AT&T’s FastAccess DSL Xtreme 6.0 at home and I am having fits with my video upload speeds. It wasn’t that noticeable when I wasn’t trying to cram 1gb HD video files online, but now I am about to pull my hair out.

According to the specs, I should be getting a up to 512kbps uploads and 6mbps down.

Well, if you look at my speed tests, I am getting plenty of download and 0.37mbps (370kbps) upload. The problem is that I am not getting those speeds when actually sending an upload.

As you can see above, I tried to FTP this video to my own server (got similar rate uploading to’s FTP server too). I also tried sending directly to YouTube. According to YouTube, the video would have taken about 4 1/2 hours. This doesn’t add up for an almost 1gb file according to a nifty calculator I found online.

According to this calculator, the file I am trying to upload will take 5+ hours at the rate I am getting (51k), despite what I see in a speed test. If I was to get the speed I get from speed tests, this file should only take around 40 minutes. I can deal with giving up my internet connection for 40 minutes every couple evenings  to upload a video, but 5+ hours is ridiculous.

I have tried uploads to, YouTube, Vimeo, and even FTP to various servers, including my own. No luck, I can’t get anything better than 60kbps. Unless I am totally spacing something out here, I am having some issues. I called AT&T and worked with tech support. They said everything looks good on their end. They even sent a tech out, the line is great, the speeds are in spec. So what’s the problem?

I realize uploading video, especially HD video is slow, but I don’t think it should be this slow. I have tried running directly from the ADSL modem (bypassing my router) with no luck. I have tried Apple Mac OS 10.6.4, I have tried Windows XP, and I have tried Windows 7 Ultimate with the same results. Hardwired ethernet connection to router and WiFi, same results. One thing I haven’t tried yet is looking for others with the same issues in forums and blog posts. I plan to do that tomorrow night.

What is the hang up? I doubt that YouTube throttles incoming files and I know my own server doesn’t. What could this be? Am I doing it wrong? HELP

UPDATE: On a AT&T Wireless 3G connection, here’s what I am getting on the same upload.

Much better on a cellular network. This has to be something a) inside my own home network (which I doubt considering that I went direct from modem to this same machine) or b) something in AT&T’s network.

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