Blade and Soul is Live

So, last time I checked in on the gaming front back in December, I was playing Skyforge… That is no longer the case. I got bored of that pretty quick. I ended up going back to World of Warcraft on a private server. I am back to playing the Warmane Ragnaros Wrath of the Lich King server. I have a max level Resto Druid, Ret Pally, and Mage. I am playing minimally now and pretty much logging in to run an ICC 25 normal and heroic each week.

Now for something new. Blade and Soul. 

I was considering buying a founder’s pack for Blade and Soul and playing the beta instead of playing Skyforge, but I wasn’t sure I would like it and didn’t want to drop the RL gold on the pack. I wish I had pulled the trigger. Blade and Soul launched a few days ago and it’s pretty cool so far. The fact that I am getting started at the ground floor helps too. I am not well behind the curve. Well, I probably am since I don’t play a ton. After 3 days, I am only level 20.

My only complaint so far is the games popularity. There are 11 North American servers and all of them are packed. Unless you buy a Signature pack to get premium account access, you’ll be waiting a good amount of time to get into the game. I ended up getting the Student Bundle for 399 Ncoins, which is about $5. That gave me 7 days premium access and I was able to get right into the game. My 7 days will be up soon and I think I’ll end up getting more time. The game is pretty good.

I ended up going with what they say is the easiest class to start out with… The Summoner.


I am not currently in any position to offer advise or tips about Blade and Soul, but I may post some info on here.

I plan to play this summoner to max level and learn the ropes and then create another class as my main.

If you want to check out some videos about Blade and Soul, hit up their media page. There are plenty of videos showing how Blade and Soul’s unique combat system works and information about the different classes Blade and Soul has to offer.

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