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The Angry Chicken [Brawl] #111

On The Angry Chicken 111 the TAC crew were just going to talk about the Randomonium Brawl, but Blizzard went and drug Patron Warrior out back and shot it. Both the latest Brawl and the incoming Warsong Commander nerf are discussed in great…

Heroic Naxx Complete

I bought Naxx and Blackrock Mountain last month when I realized that I had to clear it for cards I needed. When I realized all the Heroic version did was give me a card back, I put that off. I have been frustrated with the ladder this week,…

My 1st Gold Hero!

So. Instead of Warlock, my 1st 500 win class is hunter! I had less that 100 wins on hunter when I had over 300 on warlock, but I have been playing a lot of mid range hunter lately! I hit 500 and rank 9 tonight at the same time!