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Rank 10 – Check

In my 2nd month of Hearthstone, I have hit Rank 10 finally!!!   The same day, I got all the way down to rank 7 before tanking back to the teens. I have decided to track my achievements here on my Hearthstone Bucket list page!

Summoning King Krush

So, this just happened. The 3/3 dwarf guy () in the middle...if there is another "beast" on the board when you play it, it summons a "random" beast. Look at what it summoned (on right). It's , a legendary with charge. That's fine and…

The Grand Tournament Trailer

[youtube] Mount up and make your way to the most fun festival in all of Hearthstone! Champions, noble steeds, pirates, and more await you in Hearthstone’s second expansion: The Grand Tournament!…