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ESPN Radio on the Xbox 360

This is one of those cool little things I would have known if I would read a manual one day... You can listen to ESPN Radio through your Xbox 360 using Tiger Woods 2007. I can dig that for sure. There are also RSS Feeds from ESPN News too.…

Picture : Lazy day

If this isn't proof that we can still use another game machine (Wii Wii).... This is my family playing Sponge Bob in my son's room why I watch the Atlanta Falcons get their asses kicked.

Speaking of Poker

Last year I finished 148 out of 1799 in the 2005 World Championship of Online Poker (New Link, Old Link is dead). The $1000 buy in was won in a qualifier tournament and I ended up turning it into $1452 in cash winnings. This year's WCOOP is…