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Coin Concede - A Hearthstone Podcast

Making the Competitive Side of the Game More Accessible to You.

Coin Concede is a podcast about Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft that covers everything Hearthstone related from playing Adventure Mode with basic decks to laddering in ranked play. While integrating their personal experience playing Hearthstone, they converse over news topics, decks, meta shifts, tournaments, and emails. If you’re a casual player just starting out, or a Pro Hearthstone player, there are many things to enjoy about this podcast.

  • Audio Quality 9
  • Chemistry 9
  • Content 10
  • Orgainization 9
  • Entertainment Value 10
  • The Audio Quality is great. I don't hear any background noise, pops, etc during the episodes. Awesome, relevant bumper music throughout.
  • The Chemistry makes someone new to the podcast feel as if they have all been friends for ages. The conversations flow and it doesn't sound forced or scripted.
  • The content on Coin Concede seem to be custom tailored to my needs. General Hearthstone news, competitive Heartstone news, and deck list explainations.
  • The show seems to be well organized as well. There is structure each week. The hosts are well prepared to discuss the content that they planned to touch on.
  • The hosts are all quite entertaining in their own ways. I enjoy getting to know the hosts on a personal level. It makes you feel more connected to the show. The wit and scattered sarcasm, but with a positive attitude about Hearthstone, are spot on. Some of us catch Hat's references to stuff only older listeners would understand.

Don't let the tagline (Making the Competitive Side of the Game More Accessible to You) intimidate you. If you don't care about the competitive side, this podcast is still for you!

Why am I posting a review of a podcast on here? 

Simple. I don’t do iTunes or Stitcher and I wanted to let the hosts know how much I enjoy Coin Concede. Out of 12 Hearthstone podcasts that I have listed to at least 3 episodes of, Coin Concede became my favorite. This is the 1st podcast I’ve supported through Patreon as well.

As someone who produced and hosted a couple of podcasts about mobile tech back in the early days of the smart phone boom, I can appreciate what goes into a successful podcast.

Disclaimer: I am not claiming that my podcasts, Mobility Guys and Mobility Minute were successful, but people listened and liked at least one of them It’s just a shame that we were all too busy to keep it going.

About Coin Concede

Coin Concede is a podcast about Hearthstone with multiple hosts that covers many facets of the game. The main hosts at this time are Kenny, Cinder, RidiculousHat, and Appa. Cora is another host but she is AFK from the podcast while she works for Blizzard casting Hearthstone tournaments. I enjoy her casting, so I am sure she adds even more to the Coin Concede podcast, but unfortunately she’s been gone for all the episodes I’ve had the pleasure to listen to.

Coin Concede records as a video show on Twitch on Wednesdays and normally goes live to podcast aggregators on Friday. I wish it came a little earlier in the week, but I can’t have everything.

The structure of each show is almost the same each week. Consistency is always a good thing.

The Intro

Perfect. I love the intro to Coin Concede. The reference to World of Warcraft cities along with the host’s state are a nice touch. I enjoy hearing about their week’s in Hearthstone. The awesome intro music is a Hearthstone cover by Stéphane L, used by permission and it’s awesome!


One of the unique things that Coin Concede offers to Patreons is coaching. After they go over their own personal weeks in Hearthstone, they go over how their coaching went for the week. I think this is an awesome perk and enjoyed working with RidiculousHat for an hour.


I hate reading Reddit and I’m too busy to scour the web for cool and interesting news about Hearthstone so I really enjoy the news section. They go over what’s new in Hearthstone and I get a lot out of the ensuing discussion. I can avoid Reddit!

Tournament News

While I am not a “Competitive” Hearthstone player, I do enjoy watching the tournaments, but I don’t have a ton of time. Cinder leads this segment and does an awesome job recapping the major tournaments. It’s not scripted either. I had a chance to meet Cinder at a Fireside last weekend and he rolled off results from tournaments like it was his job. Wait, it is.

Thank You Section

The guys read reviews left on Stitcher and iTunes. Awesome way to thank the listeners that take the time to share their opinions on the show. If you guys read this review before the next show, please don’t try to read this entire review on the show. It would bore those of us that already know how awesome Coin Concede is.


This is my favorite part of the show. They go over a deck every week and go into detail on how to play the deck. Some of the tips and tricks they share have helped me a ton already.


Before they sign off, they normally go over questions from listeners, often times the questions come from the “Questions for the cast” section of their Discord server.

Bonus Perks

Being a listener and/or being a Patron has added benefits. There’s the Discord server, the coaching (for patrons), and even a listener tournament coming. The hosts get into Discord and might be more active than most of its members, especially RidiculousHat and Cinder.


This my favorite Hearthstone podcast so far. There are some other great ones out there but this one seems perfect for me. The hosts seem to have great passion for Hearthstone. They are super positive about the game and it’s infectious. They don’t sound like they do the show in hopes of a pay out, it just seems as if they really enjoy sharing! The hosts are not “too good” to mingle with the peasants. They will answer questions in Discord and on Twitter. They are not condescending like some of the hosts on other shows.

TL;DR: Coin Concede is a Legendary Podcast about Hearthstone.

I would recommend this podcast to ANYONE wanting to get better at Hearthstone, not just competitive players.

You can visit Coin Concede on their website, follow them on Twitter, and you can use Stitcher or iTunes (and others like the one I use, BeyondPod) to download the shows. They also have a super active Discord server and a Facebook page.

Contact the Hosts of Coin Concede


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