Contest – 3 Smite Tactics Founder’s Packs

Back when I was running, I ran this contest and there was quite a bit of excitement for the game and the contest. Now that I’ve shut down the website and moved that content over to this blog, I will give away the last 3 Founder’s Packs that I have.

If you don’t win, make sure to buy one. They pack a punch for $19.99. You get 15 packs and then all the other stuff is just gravy.

The Founder’s Pack includes: Instant Access to SMITE Tactics Beta, 15 Card Packs, and an exclusive SMITE Enyo Bellona Skin. Plus 3 Legendary Leaders, Legendary God Enyo, and Exclusive Founder’s bonuses!

To enter, leave a comment below telling me why you need one of these Founder’s Packs.

The contest will run until Feb 28th at Midnight CST.

That’s it!

If you followed @Torlaan or @SmiteTacticInfo on Twitter in the past, feel free to unfollow. Those accounts are no longer in use. I don’t tweet much about Smite Tactics anymore, but I may have something to say here and there on my main Twitter account. Feel free to follow that account. I am still planning on playing Smite Tactics, but not interested in doing content for it anymore. I am also playing in the Shardbound alpha and the Gwent beta.

Good Luck!

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  1. Autumn says

    Well, I’ve been a fan of Smite since the console closed beta. When I got an email for the Tactics closed beta I was really excited. I’ve been playing quite a bit whenever servers are down but I sadly cannot afford to buy extra gaming things at the moment. I would really appreciate the help but if someone else needs it more than me that’s fine. <3

  2. Ryan says

    I really want this and i think i should win as iv spent all my mo ey on the new smite gems and im poor af and running low on money. Good luck to all

  3. Mark Holtz says

    Well, like everyone else. I don’t NEED a founders pack. But I do really want one. I’ve supported HiRez in their endeavors since I started playing SMITE about 3 years ago. I’ve bought founders packs for both SMITE and Paladins but that was before when money wasn’t as much of an issue. I’d love to continue supporting the company in anyway possible either way. I really do believe Tactics will end up being as big a hit as the previous titles produced and I believe that their future titles will also be hits. I appreciate your taking time out of your day to read this entry. Thank you.

  4. Joseph Williams says

    i want it because, I’ve been playing and loving the mess out of this game, having this is real big plus for me, and im sure everyone esle. Also getting rewards for two of my favorite games so far (smite & tactics) is epic. Can’t wait for it to come to console too.

  5. Justin says

    I would like to win because one of my best friends mains Bellona, and Enyo is one of only 2 he is missing, so I would like to win one and give it to him so he can collect all the skins.

  6. Ian Bracamonte says

    I want the founder pack because i really love this game and i also love smite i like them both and i want belona enyo skin

  7. Bokonon says

    TBH I really want this Smite Bellona skin, and this is the only way to get it Also ofc I would like to give this game a try.

  8. Omar Martinez says

    I want a founder’s pack because I’m just getting into the game and this will make me want to play it more. Im also a rank ten Bellona in smite and really want the enyo skin.

  9. Elliot says

    1. Wouldn’t have found your site without seeing this giveaway on twitter
    2. Being involved in the production of hydrogen maser atomic clocks is pretty damn interesting, what was it like?
    3. I want to play tactics but havent got a beta key let alone a founders pack plus that bellona skin is pretty nice!

    Thanks 🙂

  10. Jay McLellan says

    I want that Bellona Enyo skin!

  11. Cookie5297 says

    I want to win this pack for my friend, I already have it and I want to play with him. Also loading frame and bellona skin in Smite are really good.

  12. Andrew Figueroa says

    I don’t want the founders pack,I NEED THE FOUNDERS PACK OR I CANT GO ON.

  13. Dmitry Balashov says

    Hello, I want it for extend the Russian-speaking community, and raise their interest in the Smite Tactics.

  14. T3RR Ironic says

    I main Bellona btw…I’m just a Mythymoo reference.

  15. damien hibbert says

    Honestly? Hi-Rez just makes some fun games, and I want to show my support, even if I’m broke.

  16. Kenneth says

    I would love a founders pack just because as a content creator I think it’d be cool to be able to make content on another hirez game that I really love and just be able to play the game a bit more freely plus those packs and I’d love to just make content with the founders pack!!

  17. Phil says

    I would like this founder pack because:
    -I want to get into Smite tactics
    -I don’t have any money to buy one myself
    -I really like the bellona skin 😉

    So it would be Nice if got a founders pack!

  18. Patrick Hockenson says

    I’ll be honest. I need the Smite Tactics Founders Pack because I’m disabled with no income. I want to be able to afford this because I want to support Smite Tactics. I LOVE Smite. I was in the Xbox Alpha (and the Paladins PC & Xbox Alpha). I did manage to buy the Smite Xbox Founders Pack by selling games, but I have none left to sell. I don’t normally by content for free games and I NEVER by games that aren’t at least 75% off because I simply can’t afford to. (if you’re wondering how I afford anything given my previous statement it’s through judicious use of birthday/Christmas gift cards, etc.) But even from the Xbox Alpha, Smite was a phenomenal game. I really didn’t play anything else from Alpha to launch and for the rest of that year. I still play almost daily. Even though Smite is free it can stand alongside ANY $60 AAA game. All free games share one major downside; they have great graphics but gameplay/length/story/etc. is lacking, or one of those others is great but the rest aren’t. Except Smite. Smite has AAA graphics. gameplay, lore (in place of story), replayability, etc. It’s a AAA game HiRez was gracious enough to give us. And I don’t expect anything less from Smite Tactics. One last point. Being disabled, games are EXTREMELY important to my health and sanity. My body is deteriorating at an exponential rate. My mind is the only thing I have left. I’m homebound, so games help me escape these walls. Games keep my mind active in the way a career or college would a healthy person. Don’t believe my statements about my health or love for Smite; check my Twitter. I’m not shy about either. @VirtuousLumox

  19. Miamitoibiza says

    Bello my waifu lv10 bello here and have her all skin except this one

  20. Quinn says

    i’ve always enjoyed smite but i’ve never spent that much money on it unless you count 2 characters (you know if i just kept the same 5 starter characters it would make me look bad at my level). so i’ve never really wanted to spend money on smite or any other game but i still want to play smite tactics early without being considered a consumer who couldn’t wait for the game to come out. its also always nice to get a game early and it can help you and make you look cooler in-game. last of all i’ve always wanted to support the company but i just don’t have the money to waste so i think the best way to do that is to give them feedback about a game that is still in progress.

  21. Amberstrike says

    Well, I would like to try Smite Tactics because I totally enjoy playing Smite and discovering more about it’s universe.

    Also, that Bellona skin is awesome :3

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