Developers Contacted by Microsoft About Tango Memory Use

How ironic is it the the best Windows Phone site currently actually got this email today? WP Central received a letter from Microsoft telling them that their Windows Phone app does not run satisfactory on 256 MB devices. The email suggests they use the Memory Profiler in Visual Studio to track down memory and address this. Common sense would tell you that it’s the image calls, but that’s not the issue. The issue is the fact that these apps are designed to run on a Windows Phone with twice the memory. The problem is that Microsoft lowered the memory requirements for the OEMs with Tango. I just can’t fathom why you’d want to take hardware a step backwards. I am shaking my head still.

Jay T Bennett, a developer himself, offers the following advice for developers who get this email:

If you’re a developer who just received the very same e-mail I highly recommend you jump straight to Justin Angel’s guide from Nokia’s developer portal to start profiling your app. You’ll also find tips to make your app Tango compatible here. It’s exactly what I did and you might just have the same issue that I do: a lot of pictures at a higher quality then they need to be.

Lucky for us, our app isn’t done yet. Our own super dev, Don Sorcinelli, is working on it as he finds time. No hurry!

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