ESL – Getting to Know Gwent

The @PlayGwent Twitter account posted about a great introduction to Gwent video by the ESL. I have to wonder where this footage was shot though. The 1st thing that tipped me off was the names. Fake_Ciri vs Iorveth_FTW. When I saw those names, I thought that maybe these accounts were internal at CDPR’s location. Then I noticed they were both “Cardsmith” classification which means the accounts are both PC users. Unless something has changed, CDPR employees have CD Projekt Red as their classification so these aren’t those accounts. I figured these accounts are 2 accounts created by the ESL and played against each other in friend games.

Then I noticed this… 100,985 scraps! That’s enough scraps to create every card at least twice. WTF? I might be wrong though about these accounts being CDPR accounts unless they hooked up whoever did this video. The ESL is an e-sports league. I am not sure why they are producing content for Gwent but hey… anything is welcome!


IT doesn’t matter whose accounts they are anyway, this is a well done video.

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