Getting Rid of Facebook!


I don’t really use it anyhow, but I am removing all links, photos, and details from my Facebook profile.

I am just joining the club based on a couple posts from Gizmodo and some other posts about Facebook’s security shared with my by my buddy Graham Skee.

If you are interested in knowing more, I suggest your read these:

Click read more if you want a giggle. I posted a set of pics from my childhood that I had on Facebook only.

Jason Calacanis to Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg

Don’t laugh too hard…

oldpicsofme_1 oldpicsofme_9 oldpicsofme_7 oldpicsofme_2 oldpicsofme_12 oldpicsofme_13

Me as a baby, me and dad, me acting cool, more of me acting cool with my new guitar (age ~15), me at 14 or so at some old military base, and me and some girl at prom. ( I don’t even remember her name)

oldpicsofme_6 oldpicsofme_11 oldpicsofme_10 oldpicsofme_8 oldpicsofme_5 oldpicsofme_3

Me and my guitar in the barracks right after boot camp, me and wife while we were dating, me and some buds in Chicago, me in a tree at Deception Pass, Washington, Me playing softball in Guam, and me out at sea.

oldpicsofme_4 myuglymug P1000041

Another of me at sea… working, Me and some Zune friends in Redmond, and me and the Microsoft Phone MVPs that had iPhones at the MVP Summit. (at least the ones that were willing to admit to using an iPhone)

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