Goodbye 70s – Our Last Bathroom Remodel

Over a year ago, we started remodeling bathrooms. Our bathroom in our master bedroom had yellow sinks and tub but this one, it had olive green fixtures. Check out this gallery of photos going from start to finish. All in all, it took us 2 weeks to complete.

[images type=”grid” cols=”four” auto_slide=”true” lightbox=”true”]
[image link=”37303″ image=”37303″]
[image link=”37304″ image=”37304″]
[image link=”37305″ image=”37305″]
[image link=”37306″ image=”37306″]
[image link=”37307″ image=”37307″]
[image link=”37308″ image=”37308″]
[image link=”37309″ image=”37309″]
[image link=”37310″ image=”37310″]
[image link=”37311″ image=”37311″]
[image link=”37312″ image=”37312″]
[image link=”37313″ image=”37313″]
[image link=”37314″ image=”37314″]
[image link=”37315″ image=”37315″]
[image link=”37316″ image=”37316″]
[image link=”37317″ image=”37317″]
[image link=”37318″ image=”37318″]
[image link=”37319″ image=”37319″]
[image link=”37320″ image=”37320″]
[image link=”37321″ image=”37321″]
[image link=”37322″ image=”37322″]
[image link=”37323″ image=”37323″]
[image link=”37324″ image=”37324″]

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