Gwent Challenger – $100K in Prizes – I’m In!

The Gwent Challenger invites are out and I’m in!

I’ve passed on playing in any Gwent Tournaments so far because a) I don’t consider myself good enough to win tournaments and b) playing too competitive takes the fun out of games I play. I do enjoy competition, but if it gets too competitive, like my WOW PVP days, I get too frustrated and end up quitting. I play games for enjoyment and if I get mad because I am not winning, the enjoyment fades. If the enjoyment fades, why bother? Right? Just like the other tournaments that have occurred, I was planning on passing on the Gwent Challenger too.

Anyhow, the Gwent Challenger tournament put on by CDPR, the makers of Gwent and the ESL (Electronic Sports League) was announced a week or two ago and I checked it out and decided not to sign up. The qualifiers for the tournament was announced as the top 256 in the NA region. I was bouncing back and forth between 100 – 2000 worldwide ranking at the time and figured that I didn’t have a chance to get into the top 256, even though I have been in the top 100 a few times.

A couple of nights ago, I was watching a streamer (Mauxfiregaming) that was trying to position himself in the top 400 to ensure himself a position in the qualifiers. While watching, I decided to sign up for giggles. The night before the rankings locked, I was somewhere between rank 700 and 800 worldwide. I figured there was no chance that I would make I logged off about midnight local time and logged back in the next day around 7 PM to see that I was all the way back at 1100. No chance at all.

Gwent Challenger

Today, around 11 AM, I received the email stating that I made it into the top 256 NA player qualifier.

What sucks for the EU region is that players above rank 400 didn’t get it. I don’t have hard data, but I was pretty sure that the EU bracket was going to be much harder to get into since there are far more EU players than NA players. Like I said, I don’t have “stats” or “proof” that there are more EU players, but being in the community since a couple of weeks after the beta launched, I know that there are a TON of EU players in comparison to NA.

I am pretty sure that I won’t make it out of the 1st or 2nd round but I guess I will give it a try. I need to work on playing other factions other than Skelliage though.

What is the Gwent Challenger?

$100,000 prize pool with $60K going to 1st place. That’s nothing to sneeze at when considering that this game is still in closed beta. Having a chance to play against pro games like Lifecoach is a pretty cool incentive too! I’ve always enjoyed watching Lifecoach play Hearthstone.

GWENT Challenger is an official GWENT: The Witcher Card Game tournament which pits community members against each other in a series of qualifiers to determine who will clash with professional gamers in the finals.

How does the qualifying system work?

512 players from two time zones, 256 from Division Redania 12:00 GMT and 256 from Division Temeria 12:00 PST, compete using four self-constructed decks each. Each deck must represent a different faction. 16 players from both timezones advance to Day 2. Two finalists advance from each timezone.

For more info about the tournament, check it out here.

Good Luck to me and Good Luck to my friends that made it in as well.

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