Gwent – I Finally Made it to Rank 15

Featured image courtesy of the RSMerchant YouTube Channel

On the day that the Nilfgaard faction was launched, I hit rank 14. Before that, I was stuck at 13 for a good week. Every time I was a win or two from 14, I would lose a few. It was frustrating and when I hit 14 and peaked at rank 122. At that point, I was content to just get my daily wins and wait for the next season.

I didn’t give up though. I decided to try to push to Rank 15.

Gwent Ranked

You need to hit a 3900 MMR to hit rank 15. I got to 3870, then lost 2 games. Then I got to 3895, lost another game. I was beginning to thing that it wasn’t going to happen. The next game, I got extremely lucky and one of the top 25 players currently in the game made a misplay that cost him a 2 card advantage and he forfeited. This put me right back to the point where I only needed 1 win to hit rank 15. I went up against another great player named Veloursrogue and narrowly won round 3 with a score of 23 to 22. BOOM. I finally hit rank 15.

I played a combination of 2 decks to get to rank 15. Most of it was consume monsters based on a deck that Dale Martel was playing just after the Nilfgaard patch released. The other deck was a control Radovid deck that I lost to so many times that I decided to join in and put the deck together myself.

In addition to hitting rank 15 this weekend, I peaked at rank 75. This is the highest I’ve been since ranked mode came out. I am happy to have broken the top 100, but it was short-lived as I lost 3 straight games after that. I might still be top 200, but I doubt it.

Yennefer: The Conjurer set up a beautiful scorch!

Here is one of the coolest screenshots from the weekend. This shows how OP Yennefer: The Conjurer is. She got their melee row all juiced up for a 70 point scorch! How ironic is it that the featured image that I lifted from one of RSMerchant’s videos features Yennefer: The Conjurer?

Anyhow. NOW I THINK I AM DONE UNTIL NEXT SEASON. Rank 15 is the highest rank ATM and I doubt I can get any higher than 75. I think I’ll just work on my F2P account now.


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