Gwent Premium Cards Inspired by…. CATS – For Real

CDPR was at PAX East on March 12th and Kasia Redesiuk (Art Director) and Brad Auty (Senior Animator) from the design team gave a presentation on how Gwent Premium cards are created. Kasia talked about how she was tasked with coming up with ideas on what to do about premium cards in Gwent. She admitted that she was stumped coming up with ideas. There were so many different types of premium cards from other cards games. Premiums, Golds, Foils… and now Cats.

Gwent Premium Cards

Kasia was serious, she says that this animated gif was the inspiration.

Some of the early examples were raw, but they have done a good job in my opinion.

Gwent Premium Cards Gwent Premium Cards

The Gwent Premium Card Animation Process

Gwent Premium Cards

Here are the slides about the process of putting together animated cards in Gwent, with the help of Geralt.

3D modeling is done in the reverse order than most 3D animators do it. They take the image and model it after, which to me, someone that knows very little about animation, the right way.

Easter Eggs

Some times an easter egg makes it past Kasia. She approved the Premium Birna Bran and didn’t initially notice the newspaper flying in to hit her in the face. The sound effects for the 2 Field Marshal Duda cards are a play on ESRB  ratings in the US and the PEGI ratings in Europe since the birds are known for their bad language.

3 Premiums Revealed

Alzur’s Double-Cross


Assire Var Anahid

and finally… a TOP TOP SECRET reveal… ROACH

Gotta Collect Em’ All!

As someone that loves to collect, I really enjoyed this panel. This is going to be quite time consuming after the upcoming wipe, but I am up for the task. I really don’t think I will complete the current collection before the wipe, but here to hope. I am 13 premium cards away from the complete collection of current Gwent cards.

Great Show Guys! Very Entertaining!

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