Gwent – Rank 5 to 10 in 3 Hours!

I posted earlier today about finally reaching Rank 15 on my main Gwent account. I said I was going to play with my F2P account and see what I can do with it.

I haven’t played my F2P account much since ranked mode came out. I have a VERY LIMITED card pool and almost no Skelliage or Scoia’Tael cards since I milled all of them to build a competitive deck for Northern Realms. This was prior to the Nilfgaard release, so I had no cards from this patch. This is the account that I started to do the F2P series I did for a week back in December to see if you can win in Gwent without purchasing kegs.

Gwent started the evening at rank 5 and shot up to rank 10 in 3 hours with a VERY GOOD 26-6 record (81% win rate). In the process, I have earned 10-12 kegs and 800+ scraps. I was able to craft a few cards to get my Monsters consume deck almost the same as the one on my main account that I have all cards on. I am only missing 2 legendary cards for that deck now. I feel like I can move up to rank 12-13 with ease.

This is quite the braggish post, I know, but I was so happy that I had to share… right?

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