I Have Been Really Busy!

I’ve been sparse in the “Online Public” lately. Too much crap going ever since I got back from CES.

The 1st weekend back from CES 2012, I was in major recovery mode and didn’t get much done online.

The next two weeks were a combination of ISP issues, computer issues, sleep issues (from working nights for 2 weeks), and basically time issues.

The last two weeks working nights was rough on me being so used to an 8-5 schedule. A sleep pattern was never established and I got 2-3 hours at a time in when I could. On top of that, I have had major connection issues with my ISP, which I might have narrowed down to my wireless router now. I doesn’t matter much now since I am upgrading to Uverse Internet on the 22nd of February. Hopefully this will cure my YouTube upload problems as well. If it does, I can do videos again! Now, throw in a PC issue! I had to wipe and reload my big ole gaming desktop during this 2 week period. Since I was home during the day during this time, I took advantage of time with my son DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS and gave him a “Spring Training” of sorts. His Baseball tryouts are in a few weeks and this was an awesome time to get the cobwebs out. While I have been sleeping, I have been uploading the content and files for 4-5 websites that I moved to a cheap GoDaddy shared hosting server a few months ago back to this server. The GoDaddy server was unsatisfactory to say the least. One of those sites is this one! Back and forth from the body shop to the car rental joint getting my car fixed from some little college kid ramming me at a stoplight wasn’t fun either! Last but not least, I have been working on/off on an online project with friends. I will share this off later this week.

What has suffered with all this? My body, my brain, and my Twitter followers! Oh, and most importantly… GOTTABEMOBILE! I plan to get back in the swing of regular posts at GottaBeMobile again this week. I have been very sparse in my posting there and I feel awful about that.

I am now ready to get back into everything!

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