I think I am ready for CES 2012 [Gear]

Using my favorite bag of all time, the Pharos GPS accessory bag, I am loaded up and ready to go. Those of you that have known me for a while will recognize it for sure. I will also be carrying the Logitech Kinetik 15.4 bag to carry it all in. Disclaimer: Don’t hate the photos, they were taken in a poorly lit room with the Galaxy Nexus.

We start with a basic laptop for video editing and posting. Powerful enough to get it done.

Here we have the Pharos Bag! Contents reveals over the next couple photos.

Top left is a couple microUSB cables and a charge. Top middle is the Zune HD 32GB for in flight audio entertainment. Top right is empty, but it’s the memory card box in the next photo. Bottom left is the charger for the Canon S100 in the bottom middle slot. In the bottom right slot, I have my Galaxy Nexus battery charger and 2 spare batteries.

Several MicroSD cards, memory sticks, adapters, Eye-Fi, etc…

In  the side compartment of the Pharos bag, I have a handful of screen cleaners to get the crap of demo devices for prettier photos. 🙂

Some money and batteries for the video cam microphone.

One of two HD Video cameras and the microphone. I am trying a new video camera out, but if it doesn’t do well for me, I am bringing along old faithful.

Finally, a nice monopod for those long interviews with vendors.

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