I watch and listen to people, is that weird?

So, I was sitting here at lunch using the Samsung Fascinate to read some tweets and I started thinking about a comment I left as feedback earlier. I left a comment on an internal message board where I talked about how I have heard people in stores ask an associate to show them item A only to have the sales person suggest item B instead. As I sit here eating my soup, I was thinking how weird that it sounds that I listen in on sales staff in stores. I don’t think it’s weird, but others might.

Yes, when I am in Best Buy, Target, Wal Mart, a cell phone store, or anywhere else gadgets can be found, I watch and listen to people. I will browse the gadgets I am looking at but I will stand there and listen to entire sales pitches. I really enjoy seeing what consumer think and how the sales people react.

Is this weird really?

In a related note, If I was on commision at Target, I could have made some good money. My work shirt color used to be red and I would often times get asked for help as if I worked there. I say, “Sorry,  I don’t work here”. One day a college girl was looking for the right type of memory card for her camera. She was late for something and needed it for that something. After I told her I didn’t work there, she said, “nobody does. I can’t find anyone.” Well, I decided to help her look for help and she was right, there was NOBODY around in the electronics department. We clicked a button to summon help. In the 5-10 minutes it took for someone to show up, I figured out what she needed and made my suggestion. Once the associate showed up and unlocked the rack the memory card she needed was on, she was on her way. She was very appreciative.

What can I say, I love to help people. (most of the time, sometimes I am grumpy)

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  1. sborders says

    i don’t think it is weird. I like to watch people and have also helped many people by answering questions about gadgets. People are interesting, like the sales people you mention that make recomendations based on their opinion without any real knowledge of the products.

  2. stevenshytle says

    I love watching those very interactions you describe. With a background in sales management (technology, sporting goods, and automotive) and training (sales and management) I am both fascinated and many times appalled at what I see. I to have helped customers both due to the absence of sales team members, neglect, or flat out misinformation. I particularly enjoy (sick humor I guess) the poor cellphone salesman that tries a little to hard and won’t leave me alone…

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