I’m Not Wired Like You!

If you want to read more about what makes me tick in regards to creating online content, check out this post that I wrote 9 years ago. Make sure to come back and finish this little post too!

Many people thought I was an absolute idiot for getting rid of some of the websites I have created and grown over the years.

When I lose passion, it’s time to move on. In the last 15 years, I have created and sold or just shut down many pretty nice websites. Many people would be envious at what I have gotten to do and see as a result of my websites, but I walked away from all of that… voluntarily.  While I enjoyed what all I got to do and truly appreciate the experience, I don’t regret walking away from any of the websites I created. I do miss it some, but I don’t miss the 20 hour days it took to pull them off. My only regrets is that I let the minor success I had push me to a point where I did neglect some of my family responsibilities on occasion and that I let my health suffer too.

I just got a comment on a 4 year old YouTube video and went to answer the question and watched the video and had a brief moment where I wondered where I would be on YouTube had I cultivated my community on YouTube and kept going. Some of the people that have channels that had as many follows as I had back then are pushing 500,000 to 1,000,000 followers now. Crazy. My fame on YouTube was back before there was monetization, back when I was special for being able to post videos longer than 10 minutes, and back when 6,000 subs was a big deal.

I think the biggest “Warm Fuzzy” that I have had on YouTube was being the inspiration for one of the biggest YouTube tech reviewers today, Jon Rettinger (Jon4Lakers) aka TechnoBuffalo back in 2009.

I must say I was quite happy to see your e-mail. I’ve been a big fan of yours and MobilitySite’s for sometime. I remember watching your Treo 750 unboxing over and over. In fact, you are a huge influence on how I review technology today. I try to bring your same laid back attitude to my videos. I rarely have any sort of script, and generally just wing it. I think it makes us more genuine and less robot like to the audience. I actually reached out to you about two years ago (as I was just starting out reviewing).

I regret not connecting with Jon when he 1st contacted me. Like I said, one of my biggest mistakes with YouTube was not interacting with my followers/viewers. I used YouTube as a place to host my videos only. I rarely even read the comments, instead I interacted with the comments on my website where the videos were embedded.

My original channel was Mobilitysite, but I lost access to that channel when I sold the website. I created the ChrisLeckness channel after I sold Mobilitysite.

I still put something up online on occasion and I have created and took down dozens of websites, mostly gaming related, since 2010. It’s not too late to do more online, but for now, I will just post some stuff here and maybe do a video sporadically on YouTube.

I don’t do anything online for the dollars or free stuff, I do it for the “Warm Fuzzies“. 

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