Innokin Cool Fire IV Review

I have published my review of the Innokin Cool Fire IV over at Gear Diary!

I do like this device. I like it a lot.

If you’ve read this review word for word, you may have noticed that I am a little cynical about Innokin. Despite my disappointment in Innokin over the last 9 months, I really love this device. I honestly feel that Innokin has lost customer loyalty and even worse, the loyalty of vape shop owners. I know shop owners that won’t even stock Innokin products now. That said, Innokin has to regain that loyalty and fast. I do have faith that they can do it too. With devices like the Cool Fire IV, they can get their products into the newer vapers hands again. The days of many new vapers buying an MVP 2 or a VV3 are over.

The Innokin Cool Fire IV is a great entry level device. The price point puts it in the position to compete with other lower end boxes out today. If I had a choice between an iStick 30 or 50, a KangerTech Subox, or a Cool Fire IV, I am grabbing the Cool Fire IV in red every time. I would use the Kanger Subtank on it though. I am not a fan of Innokin tanks at all.

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