Is Blade and Soul Progressing Too Fast?

It was announced this morning that a 2nd content update (Unchained) will release on March 2nd, 2016.

This is a good thing right?

I don’t think so personally.

Blade and Soul is an MMORPG that was launched in North America on January 19, 2016. I believe that it was launched in Korea in 2012 so the game is already progressed in other parts of the world.

I have played Blade and Soul since it’s launch on January 19th and I believe I am playing at an average pace, maybe even more than the average player. Perhaps I am wrong, but I feel like I am playing a lot. I work a 40-50 hour week and come home and play 2-4 hours a night and a few more hours a day on the weekends. In that time, I have leveled two characters. I leveled a summoner from 1-22. I then rolled a Destroyer and leveled him from 1-45. After hitting 45 on the Destroyer (Torlaan), I have gone back to level my summoner to 45. My summoner (Drayner) is now 39.

Just a couple of weeks after the launch, “Rising Waters” was released.  This was a content patch that added even more content to the game.


Here’s the thing. My 45 Destroyer has not even run all the “launch content” yet. He definitely hasn’t seen any of the “Rising Waters” content yet. Obviously my 39 Summoner hasn’t seen any of the 45 content either.

My plan was to get my Summoner to 45, do all the old and new PVE content, and then get started on the PVP element of the game. I was hoping that I could get that done before the Warlock class releases. The Warlock will come with the Unchained release on March 2nd. Well, now my plans will have to change. It seems that they want to push content out too fast. Sure, I don’t have to keep up with the content, but they are releasing it so fast it feels like I am behind.  Imagine how people who just start the game today will feel.

Am I alone here? Are there that many people sitting around waiting for new content to be released? 

Maybe NCSoft wants to accelerate the game to be inline with the Korean market fast?

Either way, it seems that the game isn’t progressing at a casual pace to me. I wonder if I would have bought a Founder’s pack and started playing during the beta if I would know more about the game and would have progressed further and faster. I almost did that instead of wasting a month or two with Skyforge.

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