Is Microsoft Testing Windows 8 with a Dual Core Snapdragon S4?

Tom Warren over at The Verge says yes. Let’s step back and thing about it though.

  • Is Microsoft testing Windows Phone 8. Sure, why not?
  • Is Microsoft testing dual core chips? Sure, why not?
  • Is Microsoft testing a phone for Sprint? Sure, why not?

Aside from the Sprint part, wouldn’t these all be parts of moving forward with progressing their OS? Why wouldn’t they be testing these things? Why is this ground breaking? It’s not like we’ll see a Windows Phone 8 (or Apollo) phone before the Fall 2012 CTIA anyhow, right?

All sarcasm aside, Tom Warren reports that, according to someone familiar with the company’s plans, Microsoft is testing the Qualcomm MSM8960, 1.5 GHz system-on-chip dual core processor with Windows Phone 8.  Adding the fact that Sprint has showed interest in a LTE Windows Phone with beefier specs, we can turn this into Microsoft testing this out for Sprint. At this point, it’s all speculation. Until it’s announced or otherwise leaked, I am just going to assume that Microsoft is working behind the scenes to make geeks like me happy.

Source: The Verge

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