I’ve Collected All Whispers of the Old Gods Cards!

Blizzard released a new Hearthstone expansion today called “Whisper of the Old Gods“. 

There are 100 common cards, 72 rare cards, 54 epics cards, and 21 legendary cards. You get these cards by opening “virtual” packs of 5. Each pack is guaranteed to include at least 1 rare.  I pre-purchased 50 packs and bought a few more today. I was able to get a large percentage of the set with the pack openings and finished the set off by crafting the rest with dust I collected from the packs and the dust I had left over from other sets.



Here are some of the screenshots from the pack bust.

Screenshot_2016-04-26-13-07-32 Screenshot_2016-04-26-13-44-40 Screenshot_2016-04-26-13-52-22 Screenshot_2016-04-26-13-57-52

Screenshot_2016-04-26-14-22-07 Screenshot_2016-04-26-14-26-45 Screenshot_2016-04-26-14-29-56

The expansion changes the game a lot and it’ll take some time to get used to the new meta.


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