Jonathan Allen Says Goodbye!


Jonathon Allen is a class act. The article he has put together at the Player’s Tribune is proof.

Allen was one of the best defensive players to ever play at Alabama. He ranks up there with Derrick Thomas and Cornelius Bennett in my opinion. He won the Lombardi Award, the Bronko Nagurski Trophy, and the Chuck Bednarik Award. He was also a Heisman finalist! A defensive Heisman finalist.

In the article, Jonathon tells us how his mindset changed over 4 years at Alabama.

But there’s something about Coach Saban that, for whatever reason, is just … different. Coach Saban isn’t going to sit there, and put on a big smile, and promise you this and that. He isn’t going to tell you that you’re a surefire starter, or an All-SEC shoo-in, or a first-round NFL pick. He isn’t going tell your mom, “Wow … this has to be the best pot roast I’ve ever had.”

Allen goes on to tell us how he knew that Saban was honest and straightforward by telling the story about how his mother offered Saban dinner and him politely declining stating that he had already eaten.

I’m not going to spoil anymore of the awesome article, but I will leave you with one more quote from it…

To every Crimson Tide fan out there: You are what makes this place special. Thank you, for everything, from the bottom of my heart.

Hey! That’s me!

Thanks Jonathan Allen for the great work you put in at Alabama! Good luck in the NFL and I hope the Atlanta Falcons draft you! The sack on Knight was the best sack I have ever witnessed. Thanks again and thanks for the great article on the Player’s Tribune!

Source Player's Tribune

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