Joyetech eGrip Review

Here’s a link to my Joyetech eGrip Review on myVaporSite.



The eGrip is a new concept for main stream devices. The built-in tank, internal battery, and USB charging make it a snap to use and Joyetech pulled it off well. There are a couple little things I didn’t like about the eGrip, but the pros far outweigh the cons here. The price is fair and the quality is unmatched.

If this was available when I started vaping, it would have easily been my 1st device. Since I have other higher end mods, this one will be a back up for me, but I can see it being wildly popular with newer vapers for sure. I will likely use it when carrying my big old Sigelei 100 watt box isn’t practical, like poker night.

Props to Joyetech for another great device. Combine the eVic success, the eLeaf Lemo, and the other products that released this year, and you’ve got a great year for the company.

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