Katy Perry and Maroon 5, REALLY?

Hey Microsoft, I am proud of what you guys have done there with Windows Phone 7. Finally coming with something new and fresh is commendable and I am very happy to see the program getting some much needed attention. I was growing tired of defending the, “Microsoft is finally getting into the mobile world” and “Microsoft has failed in every mobile attempt” jeers. Most of these people don’t remember life before the iPhone. They don’t remember when Palm ditched their own OS to put Windows Mobile on the very popular Treo 700w. It’s great to see and I am very happy for you but come on, Katy Perry and Maroon 5?

They are both decent groups, but come on. Bring in the Rolling Stones, Eminem, freaking Madonna, somebody bigger than Maroon 5 and the “I kissed a girl” one hit wonder. Sandisk brought in Linkin Park, Common, Ztrip, Crystal Method, Supernatural, and another band I can’t recall to launch a FREAKING 8GB MICROSD CARD.  I was there and it was a blast.

I post this just to rant. Maybe lots of people like those 2 bands, I don’t, but hey… get what you can get I suppose. I just can’t believe Microsoft didn’t go bigger with the rumored 500 million they are spending on this launch. Oh, I did see the “Really” commercial during CSI tonight. 🙂

Oh and if you don’t know what I am talking about, this is in reference to the Windows Phone 7 launch. Apparently Katy Perry will be playing a concert in NYC for the Windows Phone 7 launch or something and Maroon 5 in San Fransisco according to the official Windows Phone blog.

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  1. freitasm says

    Ah! I was in San Francisco, attending the press event the day Palm announced the Treo 700w was going to run Windows Mobile… I was en route to an event in Seattle, and managed to score a press credential for that event just a few days before. I stayed at the W SFO, just around the block from where the event was being held.

    Good memories…

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