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Before I quit smoking almost 2 years ago, I was a menthol smoker. I smoked menthol for probably 17 of the 27 years I smoked. When I quit smoking and started vaping, I vaped a menthol flavor for the 1st month or so. I ended up trying bakery and sweet flavors, but I eventually made Thug Juice my main juice. Sure, I used other flavors too, but 95% of the time, I was vaping 60/40 3mg Thug Juice with a flavor shot.

Thug Juice is a wildly popular, non-politically correct, e-liquid from Mount Baker Vapor. It’s a Watermelon Menthol flavor with just a bit of grape mixed in. I personally do not taste the grape. Here’s my review of Thug Juice.

Where is this going?

I’ll get there!

When I started vaping, I was so happy I wasn’t smoking that I literally got anyone I could off the smokes and on to vaping! I’ll put it this way, if vaping was Amway of the 90s, I’d be an Amway Diamond and quite rich now. If you don’t know what Amway is, check it out on Wikipedia and you’ll understand what I mean.

So… one of the people I got into vaping was a friend of mine named Ryan Beneford. Ryan ended up vaping and eventually started a company called Vagabond Vapors. Way before I offered to build his website, Ryan asked my permission to create a juice for me and name it after me. I said sure expecting it to be like “Chris’ Favorite” or something like that. It ended up being a business name I used and sold over 10 years ago… Lecktronix.

lecktronixHe created Lecktronix and for over a month, worked to get it right before letting me try it. He said the version I tried was version 14. I think I am vaping version 15 or 16 now because I said it was almost perfect, that it just needed a little more watermelon. I vape only 0mg Lecktronix now.

Lecktronix is a clone of Thug Juice. I know juice makers don’t like to hear that word, but it is what it is and it is what I wanted it to be. It’s Thug Juice with high quality ingredients.

As a favor to me for building his website, he gives me a 120ml bottle here and there! I can’t complain about that!

Thanks Ryan. I love Lecktronix.

Be sure to check out Lecktronix on Vagabond Vapors website!


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