Lecktronix v5 – My Original Dot Com

It is with great joy that I have put Lecktronix.com online under my ownership again!


Here are the domains most important to me. 

  • Lecktronix.com – 1st Domain
  • PlanetFreebie.com – 2nd Domain
  • Aximsite.com – 1st Domain that became a big success.

I have all 3 of these domains back in my possession now. I am not doing anything with Aximsite and Planetfreebie, but they are sentimental, so I hang on to them. All three of these domains were sold to someone at some point and later sold back to me or picked up when it expired (aximsite.com).

As you can see, all of them have some age on them!

What is Lecktronix?

When I was in the US Navy, I was an Electronics Technician. On the door of my shop on the USS Cardinal, I had a sign on it that said “Lecktronix Shop”. Being an Electronics Tech and my last name being Leckness, the name was quite fitting.

A couple years later, after leaving the Navy, I started a small web design company in Tuscaloosa, Alabama called Lecktronix. I registered this domain and at one point, I had 10+ clients. I really didn’t enjoy making websites for others though so I ended up closing shop.

I had the domain and decided to reroll it as a webmaster resource site.

Here are 3 of the 4 versions of Lecktronix.com over the years.


I had to rework these screenshots a little from the WaybackMachine's Archives.

The last version (the blue version) sat online just like this from 2002 all the way up until the day I got it back last week.  The owner didn’t really do anything with it for the last 6-7 years.

I had tried to get it back from him a couple times over the last few years to use as my personal blog, but the owner wasn’t ready to let it go.

Last week, out of the blue, he contacted and offered it back to me at a super low price. I jumped on it. I really appreciate him coming to me 1st. He is a great guy!

What’s Next?

Nothing really. I am just going to use this as a place to gather my online presence. I have forwarded my collection of unused domains to this domain. I have merged the content from ChrisLeckness.com (Personal Blog) and ThugJuice.ninja (Vaping Blog) in to this blog. ChrisLeckness.com was offline a couple of years, but I reconstructed it earlier this year. I am missing images from 2012-2014.

Bottom Line: Lecktronix.com is now my personal blog where I will post links to my reviews I write for other sites, post random stuff I like to post, and maybe some personal stuff.

Enjoy and Thanks Again Frank for getting Lecktronix back to me!!!!

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