Microsoft’s @BenThePCGuy is Giving Away Cash and Phones!

Over the past few months, Ben Rudolph has been pretty busy. He is the front man for a couple of Microsoft’s aggressive awareness campaigns for Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. I’d be interested in knowing how many phones he’s given out in the last year.

Droid Rage is one of the campaigns that @BenThePCGuy has been pushing on Twitter. He’s gone out with tweets like these:

“More malware on Android! Been hit? Share yr #droidrage story to win a #windowsphone upgrade. 5 best (worst?) win!”

“Been nailed with Android malware and have #Droidrage? Share [your] story with me … you might win an upgrade to a #windowsphone!”

Today, he held another contest where he gave people 3 hours to tell him the best story why they want a new Nokia 710. Two winners were selected.

The contest prizes were proudly displayed in this box that he shared with followers last night. Where are the AT&T Windows Phones?

Last year, he gave 25 phones out to Blackberry users too. It seems his pulse is with the times. If I recall correctly, this contest dropped around the time RIM had an outage. In addition, the Droid Rage contest popped up about the time news of Android Malware was circling the blogosphere.

Smoked by Windows Phone is another Microsoft Promotion where Ben is the front man. He was at CES challenging users with non-Windows Phones to a game. He was at CES offering $100 if you could be him and his Windows Phone in a speed test. Not a download or upload “speed test”, a test where you have to snap a photo and get it to Facebook faster than him. There are tons of videos that they have uploaded to YouTube available, you can check out a handful of them here. This promotion has been a wild success and according to the Seattle Times, it’s going to become an online campaign now.

If you want to get into some of his contests, follow BenThePCGuy on Twitter.

Who is Ben Rudolph? 

I will let him tell you courtesy of Linkedin:

I’ve spent the last 9 years in technology (software and biotech), and during that time I’ve established myself as a leading force in B2B and B2C branding, creative marketing and high-visibility communications. My strong relationships with dozens of top-tier media outlets and analysts have helped secure thousands of features and speaking opportunities, exponentially grow sales, and raise millions of dollars of venture capital funding. 

I’m also a total tech nerd. I love tinkering with gadgets, hardware and software, and I would rate myself a 9/10 on the technical know-how scale. My love of technology has been very helpful in my role as an evangelist, since it means I can talk shop with the gearheads, or give the “tech 101” overview to someone who doesn’t know a USB port from a tawny port.

With him and Nokia throwing some viral love towards Windows Phone, Microsoft could see some market share increase this year for sure.

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