Movkin Disguiser 1st Look

I haven’t gotten my hands on any new mods in quite some time. I don’t really review vape products anymore since I am not a full-time vaper anymore. I am vaping more now than I was in the past 3-4 months though.

Photo of my favorite mod with that houses the tank inside the body. The Vmodz in Chrome. I no longer own this one.

A friend of mine that owns Zooks Vapor in Memphis TN knows that I am a big fan of mods that have the tank recessed into the mod’s body and decided to send me the Movkin Disguiser. He said that it’s heavy and he wasn’t kidding!

This is not a review people. This is just my 1st impressions of this device.

Mov1 mov2 mov3

The Movkin Disguiser is a 150 Watt box mod that takes 2 18650 batteries and does wattage and temp control (TC Ni, Ti, Ss, and CC). The premise of the device is that it hides your tank inside the body. You can also use it with drippers with the included extender. It also comes with a telescoping Derlin drip tip to accommodate tanks with lower profiles. There is a Squonk addon that you can purchase separately that will allow you to feed compatible RDAs (including their own) from within the body.

The form factor is a diamond-like shape that is similar to the popular Wismec Reuleaux mod but a bit heavier (246g) despite only using 2 batteries vs 3 with the Reuleaux.

The Disguiser comes in 4 colors. A teal looking blue, white, black, and red. You can interchange the covers to make it look unique. I prefer the black with black cover personally.

My 1st Impressions

I loved it at 1st site, but there are some things that I didn’t know that really bother me about it.

  1. It doesn’t house my favorite 25mm tank very well. The 6ml Kanger Subtank Plus is not a perfect fit. The cover will stay on but there is a small gap when it is closed. Not a huge deal, but it might end up being an issue for me later. All my other tanks fit just fine. The other tanks I use most often are the Subtank Mini (22mm) and Uwell Crown (22mm) and they both fit just fine.
  2. No charge port. This is almost a deal breaker for me. I do not like having to remove batteries to charge anymore.
  3. You have to remove most tanks to fill. Even top fill tanks are hard to fill without making a mess. This isn’t a deal breaker, but a slight annoyance.
  4. It is heavy and the girth might be a problem for people with small hands!

What I like about it.

  1. It’s very versitile. Temp control, tanks, drippers, and even the ability to Squank.
  2. The tank is hidden and protected. This is the biggest draw to this mod for me.
  3. Price. This thing goes really cheap. It’s already down to under $50 at Element Vape.
  4. Screen Size. Nice bright, large screen that is simple and to the point.

Just because I seem to have more things that I don’t like about it than I do does not mean that it’s not a great device. It’s a solid, unique device for a good price.

Those are my 1st impressions!


What you get in the box:

  • 1x Disguiser 150W Mod (tank and battery not included)
  • 1x 15mm Telescope Derlin Driptip
  • 1x 510 Extension Tube
  • User Manual (not very good)

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