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I have always loved tattoos but I didn’t want to get any visible tattoos until recently.

Why? Well, when I got my 1st tattoo (skull ripping out of my skin) back in 1994 when I was stationed in Guam, I had it placed where it wouldn’t show with a short sleeve shirt on. I wanted to be able to keep it hidden unless I wanted it to show. I wanted to keep a professional appearance if I chose to do so.

What has changed?

I am older and I am not really in the market for a job where a visible tattoo would be something that would be frowned upon. I still have 20-25 years of working to go before retirement, but I am pretty settled into my current career.

My 2nd tattoo, the Alabama one, is also on my shoulder and is not visible with a shirt on.

The 3rd and 4th tattoos broken the vow of invisibility. They are both on my lower arm. The USN skull is on the palm side of my right hand and the tribal dragon is on the other side of that same arm.

My 1st tattoo has been reworked 2 times already. The photo below is the most recent recoloring in 2010.

I will keep this post updated with new tattoos I get for archive purposes and for those that might be interested.

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