No Cam, It’s Not Race for Me


Cam Newton said something in an interview yesterday that bothers me. He suggested that race might be a factor in why some people don’t like him. While his assessment might be true for some people, it’s not for me.

”I’m an African-American quarterback that scares people because they haven’t seen nothing that they can compare me to” 

No Cam. I don’t like you because of various reasons, none of them are race!

  1. You left the University of Florida for junior college to avoid punishment for #laptopgate.
  2. You were paid to play football for Auburn. (Here’s my rant from 2010 on that issue)
  3. You went to Auburn.
  4. You were the starting QB for Auburn when they beat my team, Alabama.
  5. You now play for the Carolina Panthers, a team in my team’s division. (Atlanta Falcons)

None of this has anything to do with you being “African-American”.

While athletes like Michael Jordan and Jeff Gordon are great, I didn’t like them either. I didn’t like Jordan because I was a Hawks fan and Jordan beat Dominique Wilkins in the Slam Dunk Competition multiple times. I didn’t like Jeff Gordon because I was an Earnhardt fan. I don’t like the New Orleans Saints because they are rivals to my Falcons. My wife thinks that I dislike the Saints because she’s from Louisiana and I want to get at her. She’s as wrong as you are Cam. I have other reasons to not like you.

To be honest, going to Auburn and beating Alabama is reason alone to dislike Cam Newton. The $200k and #Laptopgate are just the icing on the cake. Sure, people change, but I don’t have to like it.

”People are going to judge, and have opinions on things I don’t have control over,”

I think what really bothers me is that the “pay for play” thing at Auburn. I do realize it was never proven, but come on people, we all know it happened and that Cam showed zero remorse.

My long standing opinion about Cam was formed far before he broke the hearts of Alabama fans in the 2010 Iron Bowl.

For the record, I am a big Frank Thomas and Charles Barkley fan for various reasons. I can like a former Auburn players.

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