Of the Horde and Alliance Titles

Congrats guys. I want to throw that out there. That is one hell of an accomplishment. For that, I created a thread for you to report your "of the horde" or "of the Alliance" titles in. This is a pretty exclusive list I am sure. I only know of 3 toons personally that have it. (when I say personally, it means I actually know the player) Well, only really 2 because 2 of the toons that I know that have it are the same person. Sidni and Laycee… over 240k HKs between 2 19 twinks.


I have been reflecting on how much fun I had twinking. In doing so this weekend, I thought I would take the time to add up my HKs on just twinks. In the past, I thought I had well over 200k across all my toons, well… I don’t. I was surprised when I figured this out. My original 19 Warlock twink was made the same timeframe as Sidni and was guilded along side of her. At one point, before I deleted him, he had more HKs than Sidni. He had around 23k kills when I deleted him. After 4 months of being quit, he was not able to be undeleted.

Anyhow, here are my numbers:

  • 19 Undead Priest – 2769
  • 19 Gnome Lock- 13586 (1st Alliance Drayner)
  • 19 Blood Elf Lock – 23207 (original Drayner)
  • 19 Orc Hunter – 4340
  • 19 Orc Hunter – 14889
  • 39 Gnome Lock – 2598
  • 39 Blood Elf Lock – 17342 (Was 19 BELF Drayner for 13k of them)
  • 20 Blood Elf Pally – 2293
  • 19 Tauren Druid – 1000
  • 19 Orc Hunter – 1000
  • 49 Tauren Warrior – 7400
  • 20 Orc Warlock – 22969 (Draynertwo)
  • 19 Troll Rogue – 8346

All in total, only 121,739 Kills. There are a couple 19 twinks that I deleted after leveling to 20 that I could not verify, but their aditions are not significant enough to really change the over all kill numbers much. The 2 twinks with 1k are newer ones that have gotten the 1k achievement, but the exact numbers didn’t show on armory. I could say 150k really though, my 80 druid, nerfhunters, was a 19,29, and 39 twink initially and he had about 30k kills before  hitting 70.

Anyhow, to anyone with 100k on one twink or anyone almost there, CONGRATS. It’s easier said than done. If you know someone that has the title, add them in this thread.

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  1. Soy says

    Beastly of The chosen few

  2. Replay says

    Plantaris ruin battlegroup, Mage :p

  3. decoidzlvl1twink says

    he had the explorer title on lvl 16 btw xD

  4. Drayner says

    Beastly may very well be an early “of the horde” title earner, but unless he logged in the day it was made available with it, he ain’t got Sidni/Laycee beat ๐Ÿ™‚

    She had 100k on both of them prior to the WoTLK prepatch that introduced the achievement system.

  5. Naturaltalnt says

    I hoped to get that title, but since I spread my 350k ish kills across 20 characters I never got it.

    My closest is Natural with like 56k, and with the recent changes, not sure I can stomich another year solo on her for 44k

  6. Beastly says

    this threads been done before, posted by Inky oct 17 of last year…

    and decoidzlvl1twink the explorer title only takes a few hours to get,not worth getting too excited

  7. Domiinate says

    i was going to bring this up awhile ago about the old thread saying that beastly was the first to get 100k lifetime. well this is pretty wrong. a 19 rogue called saytun was kinda infamous in reckoning and has around 150k HKs, he reached 100k a long time ago too. heres the armory http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Frostmane&n=Saytun

  8. Elol says

    sadly my twink is only around 5k more like 4k =/ but my main is just shy of 50k atm and slowly but not really trying to hit 100k some time ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. decoidzlvl1twink says

    ye i know beastly xD but its pretty imba and ya dont have to worry that ya will ding cuz of exploring xD i know its pretty easy to do but its boring as hell ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. Jeesus says

    Nomohate. She’s a 18 twink priest on Dethecus. just thought i’d add that in

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