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Customization Overload

I have been obsessed with customizing my Google Pixel XL since I got it a few weeks ago. Over the last few days, my obsession peaked when I found KLWP. What is KLWP, It’s a superb app that creates live wallpapers for your android device, but let me let Brandon Craft, the best KLWP tutorial guy, tell us.

KLWP is a wicked app for customizing the homescreen, or wallpaper, of your Android device.  Create your own clock, weather display, music player, notification “manager”, etc.  Have you seen the widgets you can get off the Google Play Store?  Well, you can make your own.  Do you want to add some animations to your homescreen/wallpaper?  KLWP can do that too.  AND…. so much MORE!

The only thing about KLWP is that you’ll need to buy the “Pro” Version if you want to import the awesome wallpapers that others make. The “Pro Key” isn’t too expensive at ‎$3.49 and it’s well worth it for the customization you can achieve.

Here are some of the layouts I loaded on my phone to test out, including the one that I’ve made my own.

A static screenshot can’t do many of these live wallpapers justice, much of the awesomeness is with the interaction and animation.

My One Page Wonder

I found a theme on Reddit created by /u/cakjam and loved the simplicity and looks.

He made the source available and I decided to give it a try.

My One Page Wonder

This was my 1st attempt at customizing his work. I removed the agenda and used regular desktop icons in the open area and allowed the dock icons to show. I posted this screenshot in cakjam’s thread to show him how I modified it.

The next day, /u/mrkarma4ya posted his modified version, but he added a REALLY COOL TWIST to it. He added some components from another theme called Windmill UI. This version added a pop up launcher that he had triggered by the battery bar circle. I loved it too. The funny thing is that I actually downloaded Windmill UI a couple days prior. I liked the button, but not the rest of the theme.

My One Page Wonder

I took a shot at adding that button to my setup and moved some things around as well. I changed the icon area to the weather section from the original cakjam version and added a personal flair with rotating background images with weather on top of it. I liked it, but I wasn’t done.

My One Page Wonder

I decided to change the standard icons that sat on top of the wallpaper and incorporate them into the the wallpaper instead. At this point there are no icons or widgets sitting on the screen. This is all part of the wallpaper. I didn’t like the date and time floating in space and I wanted to add more functions so I went back to the drawing board.

My One Page Wonder

Here is where I am right now and I think I am happy with it now. I added more data next to the battery indicator, maybe too much. I created switches for the icons for social and music/entertainment. I made the album art cover the entire box. I also created a new and improved clock area.

Top Box – The image rotates through photos I have on my SD card in the /family folder. The time and date are basic formulas and the weather icons is the current condition.

The Square Image Box – This box is just a place where I have images related to Alabama Football rotating.

The Battery Box – This is the battery meter and updated resources from /u/mrkarma4ya version and the Windmill UI button.

The Square Image Box – This box is just a place where I have images related to Alabama Football rotating.

Music Box – A functional media player with album art.

Icon Launcher – 2 sets of 6 functional icons.

Dock – The dock replaces Nova Launcher’s dock with icons matched to the theme.

Icons are Whicons from Randle

Again, the screenshot can’t show the functionality of the theme, so here’s a video.


I am having a blast learning KLWP and my next project is to create something from scratch. KLWP is such a powerful app and pretty easy to learn. I’ve learned a lot in 5 days. I recommend checking out Brandon Craft on YouTube. He has tons of great videos teaching KLWP.






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