Photos of the Spyder and vModz

Here are some close up photos of these two mods. These are for this post on Facebook.

The Spyder Mod from Ed Green of Smoke Free Mods

spyder1 spyder2 spyder3 spyder4 spyder5 spyder6 spyder7 spyder8

There are minor dings, but most of them are not even visible. On the back cover, there are some smudges near the bottom third. I don’t know what they are, they were there when I got it.

The vModz

vmodz1 vmodz2 vmodz3 vmodz4 vmodz5 vmodz6 vmodz8 vmodz7


It’s a fingerprint magnet!  There are small scratches on it. From what I am told, these are easily buffed out of the polished aluminum finish.

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