Pro Hearthstone Players Find Gwent!


I played Hearthstone on/off since the launch but left around the “One Night in Karazhan” expansion. I really enjoyed playing Hearthstone and loved watching a few of the big time streamers. I was a fan of smaller streamers that were good players, but I did enjoy watching Lifecoach a lot. I would also watch Reynad and other big name players too, but I preferred players like VLPS and Lifecoach.

I’ve been playing Gwent since pretty much the beginning of the closed beta. I made it to level 80 before the reset back to 10 and now I am level 56 and rank 15. Gwent has developed some great, entertaining streamers of its own during this closed beta. I really enjoy watching KingBlackToof, Whitejak, BJtheBrave, and TheWhiteWolph.

There have been some notable Hearthstone players playing in the closed beta, notably FarimarHS and Noxious on occasion, but Gwent has been pretty much closed off in my opinion. This has just changed and the floodgates have opened and this is a great thing!


Last week, I noticed Lifecoach streaming Gwent!

This is awesome for Gwent. Lifecoach can bring some great exposure to the game and he has, not to mention his domination of Gwent already. In 1 week, he’s learned the game and already making MAJOR PROGRESS in ranked mode. I watched a match against MegaMogwai on YouTube and he’s already level 22 and rank 15. That is amazing. I know players that have been playing since the beta opened that aren’t rank 15 yet.

The Domino Effect

I felt that Lifecoach playing and exposing Gwent would be great for the game’s growth and I wasn’t wrong! I was checking out Reddit this morning and noticed that Reynad was giving Gwent a go yesterday. Unfortunately, he had some issues with his client, but i am sure CDPR will get him straight. In addition to Reynad, I just checked Twitch and SuperJJ is streaming this morning with over 500 viewers already.

This is AWESOME for CDPR and Gwent as a whole.

We are getting close to open beta and keys are being dropped in major bulk over the last couple of weeks. Getting into Gwent is easier now than it has been since I started.

I would love it if VLPS came to Gwent too!

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