Rousey vs. Holly Holm at UFC 193

Rhonda Rousey will get KNOCKED OUT!!!

Update: Even though the above comment was wishful thinking, it happened. So happy to finally see her go down.
According to, Meisha Tate had quite the soundbite during an interview after Rousey went down.

“I’m fucking stoked,” Tate said. “Honestly, fuck Ronda Rousey. Fuck her and her nobody has the right to beat her — well, you just got beat, bitch!”

At UFC 193, Rhonda Rousey takes on Holly Holm in another title defense.



Am I the only one in America that has been cheering for the pompous, rude Rousey to get beat ever since her 2nd fight against Miesha Tate after the Ultimate Fighter season they coached against each other on? The season that Meisha Tate’s team won, but then Rousey beat Tate in the 3rd round.

Ever since her toxic attitude during that season, I have absolutely despised Rousey. Her attitude makes me angry. I have gone to Hooters or Buffalo Wild Wings ever single Rousey title defense since then just to go home disappointed. I was considering staying home for this one, but I figured that I would miss her defeat if I did so I will find my way out to watch this one too.

Is this the one where it finally happens? Is this the fight Rousey finally loses? 

I am predicting a 2nd round KO by Holly Holm. Fingers crossed.

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