SX Mini M Class Review

I am writing vape gear reviews for now. My 1st review over there is on the SX Mini M Class.

The Yihi SX Mini M Class is a home run, better yet, a grand slam of a device. The price is quite daunting to some, but once you realize the quality materials, construction, and features that the M Class has, you understand the price. It’s slightly more expensive than the Vaporshark RDNA and more than twice the price of the Pioneer4you iPV 4 that seems to be one of the more popular mods for temp control right now, the popularity that comes from it’s affordable price and 150 watt power max. You get what you pay for and what you will pay $199.99 for is a solid zinc alloy c-frame device with one of the most advanced chips on the market and wonderful ergonomics. If you have a chance to handle one and then handle one of the other temp control devices out right now, you’ll know that the price of the SX Mini M Class isn’t too steep for what you get.


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