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Smite Tactics Card Guide

Pantheons In Smite Tactics, we currently have 3 Pantheons, Norse, Greek and Egyptian. There is a 4th in the works and from what I understand, Chinese. Pantheons are indicated by the card border and the icon in the upper right hand corner.…

Smite Tactics Beta FAQs

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions posted in the forums by HiRezPonGM, a Hi-Rez staff member. Some of this info is from the Alpha and we're in the closed beta now, but most of the info is still relevant. Signup FAQ 1. How do I…

Opening 40 Smite Tactics Booster Packs

I have gone in hard into this beta and decided to open 40 extra booster packs for science. It would appear that I've done pretty good. These booster packs were quite loose. I got at least 2 rare cards in almost every pack.

Gwent Daily Beta Key Contest #2

Good Morning! I want to congratulate @HauntedFluff on Twitter for winning our 1st Beta Key Contest that ended last night. We had a fairly good turn out for the contest, but I feel that the 3rd part application that I used to admin the…