The WPMVP/Aximsite Project is Done

Some of you might have seen the massive amount of tweets that this site spit out a little bit ago. That was my script tweeting all the new posts that I imported from Aximsite, which was WPMVP.

Here’s the story on that…

A couple of months ago, I had an idea to bring a bunch of Microsoft MVPs, past and present together for a Windows Phone blog. I had decided to use, a domain I have been sitting on since before the initial Windows Phone launch. I went out and got 12-15 of my friends and everyone was down for the idea. I put it together, got some naming permissions from Microsoft and was ready to launch. Some things I wanted to have done prior to launch, including procuring a couple devices for prizes, were not ready for launch a month into it. During the time while I was waiting for things to happen, I decided that it would be better (mistake on my part) to use Aximsite for this project instead. I scrapped WPMVP and built Aximsite 2.0 in a couple of evenings of work.

For the last few weeks, Aximsite has been online and some of the guys I gathered were adding some content.

For a number of reasons, all of which I don’t care to discuss, I have decided to pull the cord on the entire project. A couple of the guys might pick it back up later.

I have moved the posts I made on Aximsite 2.0 over to this site, my personal blog. I will post some tech stuff here, but for the most part, it will be posted on GottaBeMobile.

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  1. skborders says

    I wish I had known and I would have enjoyed reading the site. I long for the quality, focused content of the past. Too bad you decided not to.

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