Watch Alabama vs Clemson for $89,000

Yep. I guess there are people in the world rich enough to be able to attend a single football game for the price of $89,000!

I was on Stubhub earlier today checking out prices and a seller has one of the Stadium Lofts for sale for the National Championship game this Monday. I can’t afford the “get in the door” prices for this game, let alone a ticket that costs 50% of my house.

According to Forbes 4 days ago, the average ticket price was around $1400 and the get in price was $523.

The secondary market is one of those options. As it stands now, the average price for National Championship tickets is $1408.82, marking a 6% drop from the December 30th average of $1,490.41. Despite both teams making their first appearance in the game, that price is expected to fall considerably in the days leading up to kickoff. The cheapest ticket is now listed for $523.

The get in price today on is now $495. Maybe I should get a plane ticket and head out to Arizona. The get in price might get down to $50 by game day? Nope?


According to the Arizona Cardinals Website,  you can purchase Stadium Lofts. Here are the details from the website.

University of Phoenix Stadium Lofts & Field Boxes

Stadium Lofts:

The Lofts at University of Phoenix Stadium have been designed to provide a “one of a kind” sports and entertainment experience in the NFL. Enjoy incredible views to the field in a unique stadium environment. The Stadium Lofts are well appointed with the finest amenities, services, and benefits of any sports venue in the country.

Stadium Loft Amenities:

  • Private VIP entrance through Club/Loft gates                                                               
  • Private restroom located within the Loft
  • Access to Stadium Club lounge(s) before, during, and after the game
  • One (1) reserved parking space closest to stadium
  • Three (3) preferred parking spaces
  • Opportunity to purchase Loft tickets for other stadium events
  • Four (4) VIP pre-game field passes (2 games, to be selected by the team)
  • VIP Luncheon for two (2)
  • Training camp trip for two (2)
  • 20% merchandise discount
  • Game programs and press notes

Now this is for NFL games and I am not sure how much this will run a customer, but on Stubhub, one of these lofts are available for the Alabama vs Clemson National Championship Game for $89,250.  Just WOW!

I am pretty sure that the amenities like the field passes that the NFL games offer do not all apply to the college game in question.

Here is what I do know.

The Loft (suite) is for 20 people and if I understand correctly, you get tickets for 20 people, making the ticket price around $4500 each. I still couldn’t afford a $4500 ticket, but for the view and luxury this box seems to have, it would be well worth it for someone wealthy enough to afford this.

The section this Loft is in is almost at the 50 yard line and the asking price on Stubhub is not too far away from what that Loft would cost for the Cardinals NFL games.

I only go to 1 game every couple of years!

I love Alabama Football. I love the Atlanta Falcons. I love football but I can’t really afford to go to games that often. The price to take a kid or two to an NFL game is way too high now. I do go to an Alabama game once every couple of seasons. It’s usually a game like Georgia Southern or Middle Tennesee State where I can get my son and I in the seats for less that $100. I don’t miss an Alabama game on TV though.

Roll Tide!



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