What is a Tootle Puffer?

Tootle Puffing!

That’s what people say when they see me vape.

“Chris, what are you tootle puffing on today?”

There’s nothing wrong with Tootle Puffing!

What is Tootle Puffing?

According to Urban Dictionary, here’s what a Tootle Puffer is:

“An affectionate term for vapers generally using lower watt devices with atomizer resistance of 1.0ohm or above and who utilize the Mouth to Lung (MTL) style of vaping. The opposite of a cloudchaser.”
When it comes to vaping styles, Betty is a tootle puffer, Sally likes to cloud chase and Joe prefers flavorchasing.

In the photo below, you can see me (right) and Walter Sharpless (left) blowing a decent cloud. That is not Tootle Puffing.


Apsire posted a really good blog post on this subject last month and states that the origin of the term comes from ECF.

“tootle puffers” came from the itty bitty mods thread on ECF. The sub ohmers looking for 100watt + mods to run high wattage for clouds and such called those of us who run low watts (10-15 or less), using toppers like protanks, T3s, non-sub ohm tanks (including Kayfuns and the like building around 2 ohm coils) looking for small size and battery life only “low wattage tight draw tootle puffers”.

They also posted qualifiers for what might make you a Tootle Puffer!

  1. You don’t exceed 20W
  2. You own an Ego, Provari, or 10 or 20W istick
  3. You own a non subohm clearomizer
  4. You collect MolehillMountain drip tips
  5. You have no interest in subohming
  6. You have a Kayfun, but not an Orchid
  7. You have a single coil dripper built over 1 ohm

I meet most of those qualifiers on a daily basis. I don’t really build coils anymore. I rarely drip now. 95% of the time, I am using a Kanger Subtank with a 1.2 ohm factory coil at 15 watts. I have 20 watt devices all the way up to 200 watt devices, but rarely go past 15 watts.

There is nothing wrong with vaping in a way that you enjoy and most importantly, a way that keeps you away from the cigarettes!

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