Winner Announcement: 2 Founder’s Pack and 10 Beta Keys

The winner’s of the contest for 2 Founder’s Packs are ShinyPanda and Alexander. Congrats to both of you. I will be sending an email out to confirm your email addresses, just reply to that and I will send the codes over. Thanks.

The winners of the Twitter contest for 10 Beta Keys are:

  • Никита Левчук
  • jk_milksteak
  • Josh Ramsay
  • Ben Rose
  • Ben Jamih
  • Pavel Mikhailau
  • quintin fikre
  • Jenilee Dunson
  • El Pueplo
  • Gabriel Rodriguez

Check your email too!

Thanks to everyone that entered.

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  1. ShinyPanda says

    A huge thanks for the opportunity! I’m hopping for more contest of this kind but instead of giveaways, let the players express their opinions about new content for the game and in that way the Devs could know what steps take in the future -actually you can do it in the forums, I think. But I’m talking in a near future :P-. Or something like that, would be great.


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