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I am a veteran, but I have never been on the ground in a war zone. I don’t know what it’s like and I won’t act like I know what it’s like. I was in the US Navy and served for 9 blessed years. Compared to what our soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and other places endured, I was at Club Med.

This video by Five Finger Death Punch has been around for a couple of years now and I’ve shared it with friends on Facebook several times before. I believe the video was released in 2014. I end up watching it a couple of times a month and each and every time, it owns me. It reminds me that there are vets out there that need our help. At the end of the video, there are a bunch of links to organizations that are out there to help.

One of the things that makes me feel really good is when I see celebrities doing something to help. I love seeing athletes, musicians, and actors advocate for vets. I’m also a sucker for companies that give a percentage of their sales to certain veteran charities.

One of the groups that does a lot for our troops is Five Finger Death Punch. They have written songs with soldiers in mind. They have gone to Iraq to play for the troops. I love it. I first found the band when I heard a rocked out cover they did of Bad Company’s “Bad Company”. I heard this as the intro to an MMA fight and asked my friend what it was. It sounded awesome to me. I loved the original as a kid and now a rocked out version. WOW! The video of “Bad Company” has footage from their 2010 USO tour.

Yesterday I tweeted a quote by Pete Rose yesterday along the same lines. I found the quote when I came across a 6 month old article on Fox Sports.

“Twenty-two veterans a day are committing suicide, and we wanted to start a foundation that can really help some of these guys,” Rose said in a phone interview on Tuesday. “It’s unacceptable to me to think that 22 of our heroes per day are committing suicide because of being over there fighting for us and people not giving them opportunities or giving them work (when they return).

“So we’ll make a small impact, I hope, and maybe if enough people jump aboard, this can be a Wounded Warriors-type of thing, because they do a great job.”

In addition to his time in the Army, Rose said a 1967 goodwill trip to Vietnam alongside Joe DiMaggio, Jerry Coleman and Tony Conigliaro, forever changed his appreciation for just how difficult the life of a soldier can be. While there, Rose said he experienced scenes he’s never been able to shake.

I love to see athletes support troops. I warms my heart to see this.

Shortly after that, Curt Schilling posted a photo on twitter of a letter from a Harley Davidson dealer to a deployed vet.

It’s awesome to see things like this!

Enjoy the video and thanks to our veterans and those that support them!

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