WTB Cam Newton. Paying $201,000.00 – Inquire within.

OK, I don’t have $201,000.00 nor would I pay a player to come to Alabama if I did. Why? Because it’s not legal. 🙂

Apparently Cam Newton, the stud of a QB at Auburn, was being pimped out to colleges before committed to Auburn. This doesn’t mean Auburn University (or one of it’s boosters) paid the $200,000 price tag to get Cam to play for them, but it doesn’t mean they didn’t either. It would be a hard choice to turn down $200,000 to play for free somewhere you didn’t even want to play. It’s a known fact that Cam wanted to play for Mississippi State over Auburn but decided on Auburn for his dad.

What am I talking about?

According to ESPN, Mississippi State was offered his services for $180,000. A discount was offered due to Cam’s relationship with Dan Mullen.

Bond said the former teammate told him other schools had already offered $200,000, but since Newton really liked Mississippi State and had a relationship with head coach Dan Mullen dating to when both were at Florida, Mississippi State could get him for $180,000.

John Bond, a former Miss State player told ESPN that one of his former mates contacted him after Cam visited Mississippi State that he was representing Cam and he could guarantee a “National Letter of Intent” for some cash.

The story gets even better too. Apparently this isn’t the start, the NCAA seems to have been looking into this already. Cam Newton’s father told ESPN that the NCAA requested financial records a month ago. It’s also been said that Kenny Rodgers, the person claiming to represent Cam, is already under investigation after Bond reported the incident to the MSU Athletic Director, Greg Byrne. They reported the incident to the NCAA immediately.

What does this news mean for Cam and the Auburn Tigers? Nothing right now, but Cheeznik is going to let Cam continue to play.

“Unfortunately, I can’t comment on it,” Chizik said. “But here’s what I can and I will this say very loud and very clear: Cameron Newton is eligible at Auburn University, period. End of story,”

Roll Tide Roll. Looks like Auburn still won’t get their 1st National Championship and Cam isn’t going to look to good to Heisman voters now either. I really hope that he plays against Alabama. If we win, I want us to win against the player that’s carried the Auburn Tigers. It would cheapen the win if it were any other way.

LOL @ Auburn! You should have thought about it before picking up the laptop thief.

I honestly feel bad though, I don’t know how he is as a person, but I have watched Auburn play 5+ times this year, hoping to see their luck run out, but Cam keeps producing big games and Auburn keeps winning. I have to give credit where it’s due, Cam Newton is an effing superstar. I am not sure how he’ll convert in the NFL next year, but he’s passed up Tim Teebow as the best college QB in the modern era in my book.



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